Ai Crypto bots

Artificial Intelligence technology at the service of your cryptocurrency trade

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Designed to get the highest performance out of your purchases

Decrease your risks while increasing your benefits

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Crypto Bots powered by you and for you

Customizable technology to automatically increase the potential of your trading decisions

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Cryptocurrency boost

Technology created to reinforce cryptocurrency markets and its participants

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Be part of the future Packages and prices

** All payments and commissions will be in Bitcoin. No fiat currency accepted

Refer a new member and earn commissions on it

Register your account and obtain your “referral link” in order to get all the benefits of working in network system.

Compensation Plan

01.- Fast Start Bonus

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02.- Binary Bonus

10% binary on all packs

03.- Doubler Bonus

User can earn up to 2 times his/her pack’s value. Combining all wallet types.

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04.- Matrix Bonus

1% commission based on the product value of every new signed up position. Binary matrix will be paid depending on current user’s pack

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05.- Daily payment Bonus

Configurable by admin. If user is set as YES on the original registration question
*Bot licenses YES or NO then, user will not earn these bonuses

06.- Daily Matrix

Based on current daily earnings, users will get 15% removed from their daily earnings and distributed 15 levels up on the matrix based on the Bonus #4. Validation requires as follows:

Package Upgrade

You can upgrade anytime.

The process of upgrade includes paying the difference from current package to the upgraded package and paying commissions & volume with the correspondent difference.